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Rene Rodriguez is a dynamic keynote speaker who applies the latest neuroscience research to create lasting results in the areas of Leadership, Sales and Change.

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  • David Fournier

    “Rene is a brilliant industrial dynamics consultant and truly gifted speaker.”

    David Fournier, CEO
    ACH Media

    David Fournier
  • Marcelo Montero

    “Rene is a very engaging speaker, he walks the talk, he demonstrates what he means in his conversations…one thing is to hear someone present a concept but even more powerful when they live it through in real life.  Rene helped us translate a good story with a solid foundation into something that gets to the hearts of people and that is priceless.”

    Marcelo Montero, President
    Cargill Salt

    Marcelo Montero
  • A.W. Pickel III

    “There will always be speakers who will motivate you today, but that you will forget tomorrow. Rene brings practical experience with operational know how and truly understands what will keep sales and ops remembering what he communicated six months later, not just today.”

    A.W. Pickel, President/CEO
    Leader One Financial Corporation

    A.W. Pickel III
  • Steve Harney

    “I have traveled the country working with many of the most highly regarded professionals in the housing industry. I can honestly say that Rene Rodriguez stands out as one of best. In my interview with Rene, not only did we have an exciting exchange of ideas but I walked away learning so much! Rene has the rare ability to not only effectively communicate some of the most difficult ideas but he can explain psychologically, physiologically and neurologically ‘why’ we and our customers do what they do.”

    Steve Harney, CEO
    Steve Harney, Inc. and Keeping Current Matters

    Steve Harney