Learn How To Amplify Your Influence: 3 Case Studies Showing Results "Before" and "After" Applying These Lessons.

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Key Program Highlights

  • Exclusive Live Sessions: Engage in weekly live Zoom calls with brilliant minds, gaining access to game-changing strategies, inspiration, and personalized guidance to amplify your influence.
  • Immersive Group Coaching: Immerse yourself in electrifying in-person monthly group coaching designed to connect you with industry experts, forge lasting relationships, and create an environment conducive to exponential growth.
  • Thriving Community: Join an active and supportive community of driven individuals who push you to exceed your limits, celebrate your wins, and provide the accountability necessary for continuous growth.
  • The Neuroscience Edge: Discover the power of neuroscience in mastering persuasion, influencing behavior, and gaining an unrivaled advantage in personal, professional, and social settings.

Andrew Cady

Branch Manager for UMortgage

"The value found in a single AMPLIFII™ event surpassed the value of all other events I’ve attended combined."

Todd Scrima

CEO of Summit Funding

"The most enlightening part of AMPLIFII™ for me just how important it is and how to connect with people from the heart instead of the head."

Kevin Polakovich

Co-founder of Treadstone Funding

"The interactive workshop and the structured format have dramatically improved my communication skills and influence."