Rene Rodriguez is a renowned behavioral and organizational change expert, leadership coach, world class sales trainer & dynamic keynote speaker who has shared the stage with the likes of Tony Robins, Lou Holtz, Ben Stein, Roy Firestone and Jeffery Gitomer.  Rene is the founder and CEO of BetterLoanOfficers.com as well as the CEO of Volentum, an enterprise education and consulting company specializing in the application of the latest brain research in the areas of Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Sales Training and Professional Influence. Volentum has trained over 100,000 people in practical ways for individuals and groups to grow and renew themselves even as they engage and profit from recurring change.

Rene has been named to the 40 under 40 Most Influential Mortgage Professionals for 5 years straight.  Rene has been a trusted adviser to leadership teams at Coca-Cola, Liz Claiborne, Medtronic, Daimler Chrysler, FORD, Microsoft, Bank of America and Loan Tool Box. He has been a featured speaker at the Microsoft Annual Convergence Conference, the Presidents Network and the Business Plan Conferences in Las Vegas. He was featured on the Cover of the Niche Report Magazine and has authored dozens of magazine articles about Sales, Leadership and Change.

A captivating, high-energy speaker, Rene is in high demand for annual events, conventions, and keynotes speeches. He can be reached at rene@volentum.com
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